“Let Christine and Cheryl tell you how The Venus Factor changed their life before changing yours”

Welcome to my blog. My name is Christine and I wanted to write about my personal experience for The Venus Factor.

A bit about myself first.

Most of my weight problems got worse several years ago when I got divorced and kind of fell into a depression. I wasn’t eating well nor healthy and my exercise was limited to walking between my recliner and the fridge at home and between my cubicle and my car at the office. Waking up and going to the office started to feel like the end of the world each day, so I was really, really down in my life.

Basic things started to be more and more difficult, such as;

  • Simply putting on my clothes felt exhausting
  • Getting in and out of my vehicle was like an exercise I never had
  • My back and knees started killing me and walking became more difficult

Being obese and getting more obese also started to get expensive;

  • I had plenty of clothes but I was “growing” out of my clothes and buying new ones got pretty expensive
  • The list of my monthly medication was scary long and I spent almost $200/month for my medication even I had health benefits thru my work

Not to mention the annual physical check…I was dreading to hear every year, with what my physician threatens me this time, it was horrible to hear about the medical conditions I was in danger to develop on the top of my existing conditions.

I knew I had to change my life style to live longer, so I started looking really hard what would help to get me started. I happened to stumble upon Intreviews.com by Kim & Alex and I noticed they had published a real user experience of Cheryl Lawson who had been using The Venus Factor for months.

60 day money backShe seemed to get good results, so I decided to try it out, especially as it had a risk free $9.95 Trial offer with a 60 day money back guarantee. On the top of that, this program is only for women, so that gave me even more confidence, so I was settled to try it out.

I wanted to start with something I could do at home first, since to be honest I was too embarrassed to go to any gym.

I am pleased to tell you that I’ve had nothing but good results so far and The Venus Factor really got me started in my journey. I know this will be a long fight and there is no magic wand to suddenly get rid of the extra lbs., but I am finally committed to take control of my life again and the venus factor has given me a nice head start to keep at it.

Click Here To Read Cheryl’s Experience With The Venus Factor

I wrote a bit more about the program below as well, so please read it if you are committed and serious about getting your life and health back.

Women lose weight in a different way than men do and the Venus Factor’s previous promise to offer women a healthy way to drop those pounds is gearing up this year to intensify the focus on overall health.

Identifying Reasons for Failure to Lose Weight Leads to Healthy Plan

The Venus Factor realizes that for those blessed with a higher “body-fat-index”, losing that weight becomes more difficult and worse, losing the inches is often ignored by the majority of diet plans. In researching the reasons that women most often fail to lose weight, the founder discovered three obvious components.

First, women who are on stringent diets that are unbalanced, and therefore unhealthy, reach a plateau long before any goal is achieved. Those types of diet plans are designed for quick weight loss – only to gain all that is lost and often even more weight back within weeks. Yoyo diets are inherently unhealthy, shattering any hope of increasing self-esteem.

Second, women gauge the achievement of weight loss by what size clothes they wear. Plans that place less emphasis on inches dissolved don’t understand how a woman’s body responds to losing fat and toning muscles.

Third, women who feel “fat” avoid exercising in public. After all who wants to go to a gym or pool in workout tights and be surrounded by skinny chicks that all seem to look like a movie-star-in-waiting.

As a result, The Venus Factor renews its pledge to focus on losing inches in a healthy way that can be maintained as a permanent lifetime strategy instead of the yo-yo effect.

The Plan in a Nutshell

John Barban, the author of the Venus Factor, points out that aim of the program is not just to lose weight and inches for a wedding next month or next year. His Venus Factor stresses the need to set achievable, realistic goals and recommends losing approximately 2 pounds a week.

The overall purpose is to create easy to adopt methods of turning body fat into muscle and eating choices that serve to last a lifetime.

The Venus Factor Approach

The most predominant part of the Venus approach is to empower women to make their own choices about the food to eat, the exercises to perform and the schedule they prefer.

Starting with the Venus Index, each woman is asked to fill out the form with their weight, hip and waist measurements. This personal record is only seen by the participant and used as a way to see the changes that occur over a period of time.

Once these numbers are entered into the software program, the contributor gets a generated Ideal for their body type, including suggested proportion goals along with the recommended intake of protein and calories on a daily basis. As a woman’s body changes during the process, this information is re-entered with the newest data and modified recommendations are received.

A chart of foods detailing the calories, carbs, fat and protein in each one acts as a quick reference guide to assist in choosing the foods preferred. The Venus system believes that women are capable of making the best choices in food if accurate information is presented.  The easy to read chart is designed as an education tool for use anytime, anywhere.

The exercise plan is designed to help a woman gradually tone their body and increase their physical strength without the muscle-bound appearance that many programs suggest. Each exercise includes a video demonstration.

Many women find that even though they are losing inches, the scale indicates that they have actually gained weight. The Venus Factor explains that “muscle weighs more than fat”.

Furthermore, the Venus Factor exercise regime requires no special equipment and can be done in private in the home, outside at the park or beach as well as in any gym. The focus on strengthening the body by middle-age has proven to be a major preventive inhibitor to bone deterioration as women age. Once the body is accustomed to designed movement, it can be continued into senior years.

Leptin and Why It’s Important

Leptin (not Lipton – the tea you drink) is a hormone that according to mainstream scientists is a major contributor to the role of weight and appetite control. Leptin does double duty in the body by first binding to brain receptors which regulate how much and how often the brain tells the body it requires to prevent starvation; and, secondly, increases the sympathetic nervous system which engages the body to increase the amount of energy to burn.

These two elements of Leptin combine to determine individual metabolism.

By feeding the body Leptin, Venus Factor ensures that the body is unaware of fat loss causing the brain to believe it must “save the entity” at which point it signals the body to eat more.

The Venus Community for Member Support

Women come in a variety of sizes and deserve to have a healthy way to lose weight and inches without experiencing the pressures that many programs accidentally impose. Mental health is as important to losing and maintaining weight as eating better foods and doing exercises in your bathroom.

Women that have tried various diets only to lose minimal pounds and no inches tend to view themselves as failures.  Anyone who believes that they are doomed to fail at losing weight is equally as likely to believe that they are doomed to accept the left-overs in every other part of life. This mental outlook leads to physical disabilities and diseases over a period of time.

Some women find that a support system comprised of fleshy females who are embarrassed in slinky shorts is advantageous. Others, however, prefer to go the road alone until they have built up personal confidence. The Venus Community is a members-only support group that connects women with other women in various stages of the system whenever they are ready to share with others.

The Venus Factor is designed to allow all women to experience the joy of good mental, emotional and physical health for their entire lives rather than just for the moment.

Click Here To Learn More About The Risk Free Trial of Venus Factor for $9.95


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